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Why Hang Socks At Christmas
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Why hang socks at Christmas?

   A long time ago, the wife of a noble man died of illness, leaving three young daughters and the man trapped in the grief. Because the man on the money spending and investment failure, he finally lost all the money and make life in severe trouble, at last they had to move to live in a farmhouse, and the kids started the sunrise, sunset and the return to civilian life. 

   When the three daughters finally reached the age of marriage, the father did not have enough money to make the dowry for his daughter.

   One night, the daughter kept the washed clothes and socks cool by the fireplace, letting the heat from the stove dry the clothes. At this time, know that confusion of saint Nicholas and his father came to their house, he looked from the window, saw the baked the socks, children and their fathers have to sleep at this time. Saint Nicholas suddenly inspired, he took three bags of gold from his own tobacco pouch, and threw them from the chimney mouth, just let the three bags of gold into the three different stocking.

  The next morning, when the girls awoke from their dreams, they were surprised to find that their stockings were loaded with heavy gold, enough to keep them ready for all the dowry. So the girls were able to marry, and the child's father lived happily ever after.

    Since then, children in many parts of the western world have adopted the traditional habit of hanging red socks at home in the night. In France, for example, children like to hang their stockings by the fireplace; In Hungary, children polish their boots and place them on or under the window. In Italy, the children will put their shoes out of the house before the Epiphany on January 5 next year.