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What's The Color Of Christmas Tree This Year? Santa Claus Is In Denmark
- Aug 11, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, although Christmas is still 4 months from now, but from all over the World Santa Claus seems to have been unable to wait to begin to prepare.

In July 25th, the world's Santa Claus convention kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark, where more than 150 Santas from more than a dozen countries gathered at Buchan's playground to prepare for Christmas 

For Santa Claus, it's not too early to prepare. They need to discuss some important issues, hoping to promote the spirit of Christmas and the sense of teamwork in the work 

A Santa Claus from Denmark said that one of the hot topics this year was the color of the Christmas tree. "This year we are deciding whether the tree is purple, red or green. Green is my favorite color." 

Dressed in red and dressed in white, Santa Claus shouted "ha ha ha", and the gay laughter filled the streets of Copenhagen, and suddenly it was a mistake to think Christmas was here.