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This Year's Christmas News In Russia
- Jan 08, 2018 -

  The eastern church, which follows the Julian calendar, will celebrate Christmas on the seventh of January. For example, the Christian church of Christ in Moscow will have a grand midnight mass. So will Jerusalem, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, even Ethiopia. The holy see to promote east affairs chief arsene's Christian union committee (Hyacinthe Destivelle) the priest to take this opportunity to make a summary for the past one year, especially for the Moscow government office of orthodox patriarch and relations of the holy see beautiful chapter of review.

  Father arsene says 2017 is no doubt fraught with important events. "Our relationship has entered a new stage after the meeting between Pope Francis and kiril patriarch in Cuba in 2016." For the Russian church, one of the major events of 2017 is the arrival of the old st rears of bari sani to Moscow and st Petersburg to pay their respects. "This is a historic event. The Russian church has been able to salute the beloved saint on its own land, celebrating Christmas this year with this joy."

  Culture is also a perfect occasion for the unity of the grand duke. Father acent said that two of the holy book fairs held in Russia have been a great success. "We have the same Christian beliefs and views of the church, even if the cultural expression is different later." These activities allow us to "have a deeper understanding of what is clearly going to be the pace of our journey together"  

  2018 will be a year in a wide range of activities. Arsene's father announced that the first important event is celebrated in Vienna on February 12 to teach munakata dhi all the cherethites, and the er patriarch second anniversary commemorative meeting in Cuba. \"Koch (Kurt Koch) cardinal and Brahms grams (Volokolamsk) Hillary Clinton weng svyatoslav vlokh (Hilarion) archbishop common planning the activity, in order to investigate we catholics and orthodox christians can offer assistance for eastern christians; this is the core issues of 2016 Cuban statement.\"