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The Seven Traditional Foods Of Christmas Two
- Jan 16, 2018 -

5.Christmas cake

Cake is with festivals indispensable food at ordinary times, Christmas is not missed, chocolate is one of the main flavor in Christmas cake, now almost every family will make give priority to with the chocolate cake. People often make the Christmas cake a novelty. "Merry Christmas" with cream or jam, with special Christmas candles on all sides.

 6.Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding is a kind of food that is eaten at Christmas. Today's Christmas pudding is the result of traditional Christmas food and milk porridge and dried fruit puddings, so the ingredients of Christmas pudding are not plums, but they are also called dried fruit puddings, which are new members of the Christmas menu. Traditionally, Christmas comes, every family member should jointly make a Christmas pudding, symbol of unity, harmony, and every one of them in the mix the dough, will silently make a wish, finally will also hide a coin in the dough.


The most famous traditional Christmas food in Germany is gingerbread. There are two kinds of gingerbread in English: Gingersnap, which is literally a good understanding of ginger + thin and brittle cake; And the other version comes from German, Lebkuchen. In general, gingerbread is a Christmas cake, usually made with honey, brown sugar, almonds, candied fruit peel and spices.