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The Seven Traditional Foods Of Christmas
- Jan 13, 2018 -

1. roast turkey

Why do you eat Turkey at Christmas? It is said that in 1620 Christmas, a large number of immigrants from the British arrived Mao Sishan in the park, because here besides starts from ubiquitous Turkey at that time, almost no other food, so he had to roast Turkey is a holiday. Turkey has a lot of meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition and low cholesterol, so it is favored by westerners. Eating Turkey for Christmas has been a tradition ever since.

2.Christmas salmon

There are many ways to eat salmon, while europeans and americans make smoked salmon with hot or cold smoke. Smoked fish is usually served with butter and fresh lemon juice.

3. Smoked ham

Prosciutto is one of the most traditional dishes of the Christmas meal. Not only is it convenient to eat, but it can also satisfy the needs of the holiday diner, even if there is nothing left. Smoked roast ham tends to be coated with sweet sauces such as honey or cherry pomegranate sauce.