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The Charm Of A Christmas Tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

The Christmas tree is the most renowned decoration of Christmas, the charm of a Christmas tree is that it can arouse people's vision of a new life. The tree is the most symbolic of the pine and cypress, because the pine (PvE tree) in the frigid area is also four Seasons Evergreen, it is like the emergence of new life and growth, as well as the health of good human beings, longevity and aspirations. I have seen some people will make the tree leaves and branches of all white, the designer's original creative ideas may be Europe and the United States snowflakes swirling atmosphere and pure plot. But unfortunately, it does not conform to the legend of the Christmas tree intent, but the charm of the Christmas tree is greatly discounted, and the sales of course cannot do so.

Although the Christmas tree (man-made Christmas tree) has a variety of sources of different legends, but it as Eden Paradise in a evergreen life tree and can distinguish good and evil wishing tree is the same.

The original legend of the Christmas tree is one of the original fathers committed in Eden Paradise Commandments, God sent to the salvation of the Lord, so the birth of Jesus Yu Boli Heng. There is a pine tree in Eden, which is regarded as a symbol of hope and life. Later generations are decorated with stars, bells, candlelight, and so on the tree, like the light and desire to shine.

Second, a kind of religious drama dating back to medieval Germany, the show day the birth of Jesus Christ Yu Bo the historical facts of Bethlehem. The show is usually held in an open-air square or Holy Church where a pine tree is represented by an Eden Park.

Third, a long time ago, a farmer, in the freezing of the rescue of a cold starving poor children, the child was warmed to restore physical strength, the hands of a pine inserted on the ground then farewell. The next year the Christmas, pine grows trees, above all hung full gifts, in order to thank the farmer kindness.

The legend of the Christmas tree is many, now it has become the world's festivals, every year December 25 everyone Chen Jing in the intense atmosphere of Christmas.