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Ten Must-see Classic Movies For Christmas
- Oct 30, 2017 -

NO.4-Home Alone


overview:The annual Christmas day is here again. The family was busy with their Christmas vacation, but they made a mistake and left the youngest member of the family, 8-year-old Kevin, at home. Two newly released burglars turned their sights on Kevin's house. While they were sneaking into Kevin's house, Kevin played a "game" with his own eye-catching and family "playground authority" and laughed.

Comment:only on your own efforts can you change a sad Christmas.

NO.5-Jingle All the Way


Summary:Christmas is coming, and the work - laden Howard has lost his promise to his son's Christmas present - he promised his son a turbo superman as a Christmas present. One day, after his wife reminded, Howard ran to the toy store to snap up early in the morning, in the toy shop, he met with the father to the postman guingamp, helpless turbine superman has sold early in the morning, two people can only be disappointed.

Disappointed, Howard hardly had the courage to go home and face his son's disappointed eyes when he wandered the streets in the winter parade. Fog he pulled on the float playing live-action turbine superman, in accordance with the requirements turbine superman can pick out a child to take part in the game and award to him a turbine superman, Howard found his son in the crowd. When he picked up his son, he found that the villain was maru, and maru had to fight for his son's last turbo superman!

Commenting:playing Santa Claus can also benefit adults, whether it's to satisfy the children's desires.

NO.6-Santa baby


Overview: heroine Mary kay is a successful business master, and she is also Santa's daughter. When her father was sick, Mary went back to the North Pole to see his father, back to the way she had betrayed life, after back, she suddenly have a idea to go instead of Father Christmas gift...

Comment:the surprise of Christmas is not just a gift, but also a beautiful Santa Claus.