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PVC Christmas Tree Color Matching
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, the preparation of the color film

Color matching, pigment added very little, and direct use of pigments, error, dispersion poor, may affect the final result of color matching. In the tested qualified substrate, respectively, adhere to the phthalocyanine green, yellow, carbon black pigment, to make a color concentration of 1}, such a minimum error, good dispersion. Preparation of color film to ensure the absolute accuracy of pigments and materials, to ensure the cleanliness of equipment and containers. Add pigments should be slow to join, and the material thin pass three to five times after the tune into 0. 5mm out of the slice, after cooling separately into the clean containers in standby

2, Color Matching

According to the base material formula to prepare a certain amount of material, cast into the high-speed kneading machine, kneading good materials into a clean container standby. Weighing a certain amount of material into the heated two rollers to make it plasticizing, the addition of Phthalocyanine green, yellow, carbon black to the number of the number of color tablets, and then proportional to the addition of colored tablets. For the accuracy of color matching, you must make the color slices evenly dispersed, generally thin three times, triangular bags, pillow bags alternately. After adding a color slice, you should carefully observe the effect of adding color slices to see the trend of tonal change, and in accordance with this change the concentration of pigments, by observing that we found yellow deeper, black heavier, green lighter, that is, feeding, increase the dosage of the phthalocyanine green, reduce the amount of yellow, carbon black, to the lesser color, at this time, the Phthalocyanine green 11 Bao, Huang 36. 5g, carbon black 46g.

3. Comparison of specimen and adjustment of color

Put the specimen into the rubber flat vulcanizing machine for heating, pressure and maintain a certain time, after the cooling of the sample comparison, found slightly yellow, slightly black, the color of the micro adjustment, the re-film contrast, the color basically coincide, by conversion, at this time the amount of pigment added to the phthalocyanine green 110g, yellow 35. 5g, carbon black 45. 5g. The sample contrast should be noted: in the natural light in the correct position to compare, otherwise due to the spectral incomplete, improper position affect the color effect. The specimen can be compared after completely cooling, the thickness of the specimen should be basically the same, its surface finish should also differ considerably, otherwise the result of color matching and actual discrepancy. Should avoid eye long gaze, prevent eye fatigue, influence observation effect.

4. Copy of specimen

In the base material formula to add color phthalocyanine blue, yellow, carbon black after the production, will produce the products after the tablet press and the sample contrast, found that the production of Christmas tree special material with the user's use of the Christmas tree-specific color matching. The material carries on the physical mechanical performance test, conforms to the standard request, its heat resistance, the light resistance, weatherability, the resistance to mobility also achieves the user's request. A small number of products have been used by the user to conclude that the material processing performance is good, the same color. We organize mass production. This material sample, specimen seal, safekeeping, for future use.