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How To Have A More Perfect Christmas
- Aug 24, 2017 -

                            Christmas color match

Westerners to red, green and white for the Christmas color, Christmas comes home every family must use Christmas color to decorate, red with Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. Green is the Christmas tree. It is the main ornament of Christmas, with felling of the fir, cypress was a tower-shaped evergreen tree decoration. Hanging above the colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers, but also lit Christmas candles. Red and white side by side is Santa Claus, he is the most popular Christmas characters. In the home match, in addition to the three Christmas colors, gold, silver, white, yellow also slowly developed for the Christmas decoration of the commonly used colors.

These colors have four points in the mix:

1, red, green, symbolic festive.

Warm red can bring us warm, hope, the traditional red and green Christmas decoration is the main color of the United States Christmas, is also the most frequent use of home furnishings color, it can highlight the holiday festive atmosphere. Santa Claus in red dress, red ribbon, bell, green tree with green, red dish with green napkin, red and green wreaths, etc., are a good place to create a warm atmosphere of Christmas.

2, gold, symbol of fashion.

Golden Christmas style is the rise in recent years, because of its strong sense of fashion, gold is also the main colors of the Christmas arrangement. Low-key luxury flavor, manifested in the glittering colors and roses patterns. The decoration of the Christmas tree jewelry, pendant to gold-based, golden flash for the home to add a bright new color.

And family and friends reunion happy and happy.

3, white, silver, symbol of purity.

White and its extended color - silver is the main representative of the European Christmas color, it symbolizes the purity of the holy Virgin Mary, is the theme of Christmas color. Pure white color is like snow, floating in the air, the film falling in the trees, the streets. Like silver or white Christmas style of friends, may wish to try to put a silver tree in the room, as much as possible in the tree to use silver ribbons and silver bells. In order to make the Christmas tree more prominent silver theme, light bulb is also a good choice. In addition, made of light-emitting fiber made of Christmas tree, in recent years is also very popular.

4, yellow, symbolic warmth.

In the room more than two pots of Christmas candles, that little yellow charming candlelight, will make your room full of warm, romantic atmosphere. Today's candles have changed past immutable faces, there are aroma candles, water wax, crystal wax, etc., not only can be placed on the table, and some also can be hung on the wall. Style is also designed to be colorful, there are stars, the moon, fruit-shaped, there are scattered on the surface into the petals of the ... ... which added to the leaves, shells, flowers, up the aroma overflowing. Christmas color colorful people dazzling, that swaying Christmas candle, flashing decorative lanterns, Qiao plus decorated Christmas tree ... ... all of these colorful Christmas decorations can make you feel more atmosphere of Christmas.