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How To Decorate The Christmas Tree Beautifully
- Apr 11, 2017 -

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree will brighten the sight of everyone at the festival. Below teaches you how to decorate a beautiful classic Christmas tree.

1. Choose a Christmas tree. Christmas trees are the basis of your decoration, so you have to carefully choose a good-looking Christmas tree. Some people like the appearance and smell of pine and fir trees, and some people like fake trees that look real. Whatever you choose, you need to consider the following points:

The shape of the tree is types. If you choose a real tree, you need to find a branch between the spacing is more evenly, and the overall shape is a gradual upward tree. If you use a fake tree and make a branch of your own, try not to let the clearance between the branches of each layer be too obvious.

Use tree racks and protective devices. If you choose to use a real tree, you also need a device that provides water for it. Placing protective devices around the trees prevents pine needles from falling onto the floor and easy to clean.

Decorate some colored lanterns. If you have decided to use artificial trees, you can buy some Christmas lights hanging on the branches. For many people hanging lamp is the hardest step, if you skip this step, you can spend more time and energy in other ways to decorate your tree.


Pick the color. Using a color theme will make your Christmas tree look more holistic. Remember, you have to choose a color that doesn't clash with the tone of your room, you may need to decorate other places with some childlike or ancestral ornaments. Here are some popular color schemes, you can try:

Classic Christmas colors, red and green. The green tree is equipped with red ornaments, ribbons and wreaths. If you want to add some metals to look more energetic, choose gold or silver. The red-green-style Christmas tree works very well.

Winter colors, such as blue, silver, and purple. You can dress up your tree as ice and snow, glittering and snowy Christmas style. If you choose this option, try not to use red or golden yellow. Use bright or blue lights. For the true simplicity of the winter styling, the use of white and silver decoration is the most suitable.

Metal color, such as gold, silver, copper. Metal color is easy to match, you can adopt one, two or even three colors. It's best to use bright lights.

Cold tone or warm tone. If you want a different tree, try to choose the color of the cold tone or warm tone. For example, a warm-colored tree can take red, orange and gold ornaments; cold tones can be green, purple, blue and silvery.

3. Select a topic (optional). Some people will set a specific theme for their Christmas tree, such as angels, walnut clips or snowflakes. A theme can make your tree look more holistic and more eyeballs.

If you tend to gather decorations around a particular theme, you may find it interesting and you may have more collections in the process of decorating trees.

If you don't gather a lot of decorations on the same subject, don't worry too much, Christmas is a good enough theme for the Christmas tree.