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Four Steps To Help You Pick A Perfect Christmas Tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Christmas is approaching, every household is beginning to dress up their own house. Of course, Christmas trees are indispensable to the classic embellishment. So all sorts of questions come--what size of trees can be placed at home? What style of Christmas tree suits your home? Need not add any lighting, etc. Organize 4 simple steps to help you pick up the Christmas tree easily.

Find the perfect size

The Christmas tree has a wide range of sizes ranging from 3 ft to 14 feet or even higher. Before purchasing a Christmas tree, you should have an understanding of where you intend to place your Christmas tree, including the size of the entrance passage and the length of the aisle. This will help ensure that there is plenty of space for Christmas trees. Here are the more common Christmas tree sizes.

1.3 ft to 6 ft

This compact size can almost be placed in any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. If your space is relatively small, you can consider a height of 3 feet to 5 feet. If you're looking for a little bigger tree for your small living room but not too much of the place, you can try 5.5 feet.

2.6 ft to 7 ft

For the ordinary family, this scope of the relative to the size of the insurance, neither too big nor will make the room appear space, but also can decorate a variety of jewelry.

3.7 ft to 8 ft

This range of trees will appear more enormous, but for most families, it can be considered. If the condition permits, the tree of this size can be a visual focus.

More than 4.8 ft

If you like the oversized Christmas tree decoration, and there is enough space, then you can consider the height of 8 feet above the size. Remember to prepare enough decorations to dress up!

Tip: Don't forget to sufficient at least 12 inches between the tree and the ceiling!

Pick the right shape

The Christmas tree has a variety of shapes, depending on your room size and floor area, and your personal preferences to choose the right tree.

1. Conventional type

Conventional trees are more popular, generally not too dense and too sparse. Basically, the conventional Christmas tree is almost perfect for any decoration style and size indoor space. If you're looking for a more natural Christmas tree, regular type is a good choice.

2. Dense type

The thick Christmas tree size is relatively large, about 7 to 7.5 feet tall, and the bottom 56-64 inches--This requires that you have enough space to place it, the bigger the better! By the way, you can prepare a dense tree with many decorations.

3. Slim type

Slender tree, the choice of a wide range of decoration requirements will be less. You can try displaying three different sizes of Christmas trees, creating a small forest at home.

Choose a unique style

There are different styles of Christmas trees in the market, ranging from traditional classic Christmas trees to different styles of choice.

1. Traditional type

Very classic modelling, with the traditional festival decoration can create a standard Christmas tree styling. This style of Christmas tree also let you have more to play your creative space, whether it is classic red and green jewelry or other ancient spiritual decoration.

2. Desktop Type

If your home is small, like an apartment or even a single room apartment, the only 2.5-4.5 ft-foot Christmas tree suits you very well. As a home of another embellishment, desktop Christmas tree is also a good choice, such as placement in the room, restaurant or kitchen, there will be unexpected results.

3. Lighting Type

The best choice for lazy people. The relative traditional, lighting-type Christmas tree allows you to remove the installation and demolition lighting troubles. Lighting is a series of good beforehand, so you don't have to worry about how to hang on how to untie. This style of Christmas tree lighting color selection is also very wide range, including monochrome bulbs, white light bulbs and mixed color bulbs.