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Common Tree Species
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Cypress class

Somber class is the Sonko (Pinaceae), Taxodiaceae (Taxodiaceae), Bai Ke (Cupressaceae) and south of the Gymnosperms Gate and cypress outline.

Foreign Taxodiaceae (Araucariaceae) collectively. Among them, the Bai Ke trees mostly do not render triangular towers, rarely used as Christmas trees, while Nanyang fir trees are native to the southern hemisphere (located in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, except in places such as Australia, usually only in the southern hemisphere as a Christmas tree, the other regions are rarely used as Christmas trees; in Sonko and fir, because the Pine section owns the number of species but Taxodiaceae 10 times, so the Pine Branch plants are often used as Christmas trees.

Pine Genus Fir

The ten thousand Trees of pine genus (Abies) are the largest tree species in the world, as the trees are beautiful, color and smell pleasing and leaf blades are not easy to take off after cutting dry, becoming the most popular tree species. The European fir (Abies Alba, also known as the Fir Tree, Bai Cong) is regarded as the most traditional Christmas tree.

Spruce Genus

Spruce, like Fir, with a tower-shaped tree and a rigid strip of blade, is also one of the main tree species. Among them, Norwegian spruce (Picea Abies), because of easy planting, cheap, so is very common tree species.

Pine Genus

Loose members, such as Pine and Ishimatsu in Europe, are also selected as tree species in some areas. But the dosage is much smaller than fir and spruce.


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