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Christmas Must See The Top Ten Classic Movies(1)
- Oct 12, 2017 -

                                         NO.1- Love Actually


Overview: This is a 10 love story dredging into the comedy chowder, a touching English love story to pay the romantic, sweet, humorous Christmas Eve, make you dazzled, elated.

Comments: love no boundaries, as long as you believe that every day is Christmas.

                               NO.2-Sleepless in Seattle


Brief introduction: alias fate of the sky, the film tells the story of the protagonist Hill after the death of his wife did not want to marry and son Jonah is very hope that a mother, so through the radio for his father to find love story.

Comment: catching love at Christmas is the best gift.

                                    NO.3-Howthe Grinch Stole Christmas


Overview: Greenwich is a narrow-minded recluse, his heart is only a quarter of normal people. He lives with dog companion Max in the cave of the krovette mountain, with wild vegetable juice, castor oil and yogurt to eat. The annual Christmas is approaching, the town of Kelvice Hill town filled with festive atmosphere everywhere, every household is to celebrate the holiday and busy, all this is Greene look in the eyes hate in the heart, he determined to let the town Of the people and he had not the same section, so he and Max disguised as Santa Claus and sika deer, taking advantage of dark down the "robbery", ready to town all the Christmas items "clean sweep."

Comments: Christmas will bring joy to all the children, even monsters are no exception.