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The story about the Christmas tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

A Christmas tree floating on the sea.

Tree roots, germination, gradually grew up, leaves will gradually form the heart of the fruit. If someone is sad and heartbroken, the fruit will split into two halves and fall into the sea.

There is such a fish, with legs, to break the fruits of food, the appearance of heartbreak will turn into scales.

Fish will leave the tree when they grow up and swim away. Without the nourishment of the fruits, they swam and swam so far and died until dried up. After the death of the fish, the body flake off a slice of the appearance of heartbreak, spilling over the sea, floating to the land. If people pick them up and carefully care, they will become complete again, when people eat it, it will be grateful, happiness is still born.

The trees float year-round at sea, the fish are surrounded by trees, people meet, love, hurt each other, fruit withered, fish grew up, heartbreaking people exhausted life to find the beautiful lost.