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The origins of China and Christmas
- Sep 07, 2017 -

                     How is Christmas coming into China

Christmas was originally a Christian religious holiday, Christian development in China can be traced back hundreds of years ago, with Christian missionaries into China, Christian thought was also brought to China. But because of the attitude of the feudal government and the great difference between Chinese culture and Western culture at that time, the development of Christianity in China for a considerable period of time is very slow. Before the Christianity has been the local Confucianism and Taoism are widely disseminated, Buddhism has also been developed and spread.

After the 19th century, as the Chinese portal was forced to open to the outside world, a large number of missionaries entered China, but their behavior far beyond the scope of missionary and become a tool for aggression against China's Western countries.

In the late Qing Dynasty, Hong Xiuquan, the "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom", organized the uprising in the name of Western religion, but Hong Xiuquan did not even know the most important festival of Christianity, "Christmas", the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom has never been Christmas. On the contrary, he created a number of unique festivals, such as "Lord Festival", "East Wang Sheng Festival", "brother down festival" and so on.

After the 1980s, the Chinese government has adjusted its religious policies, including Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and other religions to start normal worship activities. Since then the number of Christian believers has increased significantly, especially in some provinces, the number of Christian believers even more than other religions. I believe that after the 1980s, the Chinese people began to celebrate the "Christmas".