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The decoration of the Christmas tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Decoration Secrets of Christmas trees

General layout order should be assembled for Christmas tree, hanging Christmas lights, non-combustion cotton, wire, cotton yarn and Christmas ornaments and so on.

The fixing aspects of jewelry, as far as possible use of metal wire decorations Christmas ornaments, lest fall off; As for lighting, decorate Christmas lamp strings should be on the lamp from the top down, equidistant with wire fixed on the Christmas tree, and then the plug concentrated on the bottom of the tree backbone. If you want to put the Christmas tree outdoors, you may have to tighten the base to avoid being blown up by strong winds.

What decoration should be used to narrow the distance between family members? Give you a suggestion that you can hang your family this year's photos on the treetop, and share the year's life with your family at the end of the day.

Santa Claus Tip:

You can also make use of the plant, potted plants in the home, decorated with a unique tree of mind will be made friends and family praise unceasingly. Jin Bai, Silver Star Cypress, Bluebird is a good choice, but also can try to have a higher brown column of green and large pot and so on.