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The best in the Christmas tree--simulating the Christmas tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

In this era of increasingly caring for the environment, if only for this Christmas to go to the mountains to wantonly cut down trees, everyone and Ue Cenho it, in view of the needs of the community so most manufacturers began to produce a Christmas tree called Simulation of Christmas tree, for people's demand for the Xmas, then what is the characteristics of the simulation

1, the simulation Christmas tree has good visual effect and ornamental value, and is not restricted by the environment climatic condition, the Four Seasons Evergreen, windproof sand fixation.

2, the simulation of Christmas tree has no watering, no leaves, no management costs, such as the characteristics of no artificial cultivation, saving manpower, material and other costs.

3, the simulation Christmas tree is usually attached to ultraviolet, anti-static and solid-color preparations, with strong winds, snow pressure, aging, high temperature, cold, and other functions. can guarantee the effect of five years unchanged, the Four Seasons Evergreen.

4, the simulation of Christmas tree in the manufacturing process, fully consider the climatic characteristics. Tested in 20.74 m/s Wind (natural wind 8 high-level) environment safe. Have not afraid of wind blowing, sun, rain, snow pressure, lightning, flame retardant and other performance.