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How to assemble Christmas trees?
- Aug 11, 2017 -

How to assemble Christmas trees?

< step  1>a Christmas tree stands out, and fixed on the support frame, leaves out every Christmas, let the expansion of branches.

 < step 2 > branches will be installed in the Christmas tree (according to their preference arrangement, the common way to cross, and then the branches) - assembly.

<Step 3>, and then began to decorate the Christmas lights, lighting is the key points. The average layout can be layered around the Christmas tree or on the winding way.

Finally, carefully selected hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree.

In order to avoid the screen is too complex, it is recommended not to select too many types of jewelry, can choose the same color of the commodity. The Christmas tree was decorated. There will be an unexpected effect.

To remind you that in the Christmas lights, do not put too much on, preferably not more than 300W lights, 100W lights do not even plug 3 50W lamp string; not even inserted 6 strings, so as not to overload the bulb is burnt out.

 In addition, the decorative Christmas lights in front of you first, should the test lamp string is normal, then the layout; and the diamond Christmas lights series, LED bulb off the hook easily because of the fault is not bright, the layout should pay special attention to. The general layout of Christmas tree decoration secret order should be assembled on the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, no fuel wire, cotton, cotton yarn and Christmas ornaments. Fixed accessories Hand, try to use metal wire fixed Christmas ornaments, so as not to fall off; as for lighting, decorate the Christmas lamp string should be light string from the top down, to offset the metal wire fixed on the Christmas tree, then plug in the Christmas tree at the bottom of the backbone fixed focus. If you want to put the Christmas tree in the outside, you may to strengthen the fixed base so as to avoid the wind blew the Christmas tree.

What is used to close the family decoration, the distance between each other?

Give you a suggestion, you can put the family this year picture hanging in the trees, on the occasion of the end of his family together to share the life course of the year.