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Global Christmas 9 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate(2)
- Sep 13, 2017 -

                     No. 5 Norwegian peace night Tibetan broom

Every year the peace and mind of the Norwegians took all the brooms to hide, and many of the ladies had to come up with a shotgun and put a few guns in the air to show the alert and be a pagan custom. There are also allusions: the local legend, the witch and the other devil will be in the Christmas Eve infested; and witch walking rivers and lakes must be the broom.

                    No. 6. Japan Kentucky Fried Chicken

This custom compared to several other, the odds of a lot of low index, Christmas Eve to Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat fried chicken is not surprising. Every year Christmas Eve, every KFC store is packed with people who buy fried chicken, the scene is spectacular. But why did the Japanese people choose Kentucky as a celebration of Christmas? Because Christmas is not Japan's national holiday, and for the Japanese people, the most "American taste" was undoubtedly KFC. However, the reason why this tradition to carry forward, or benefit from the last century 70's business carefully marketing. Smithsonian Institute of the United States also specifically wrote the details of the details of the story behind the story.

                    No. 7. Venezuela swarmed skates

In addition to the morning firecrackers Venezuela Caracas people will get up early, in droves of roller skating. Many streets will deliberately cut off all the means of transport, so that people can slide all the way to the marshes to the church.

                    No. 8. Wales plays the hymn

The holy hymn is the ancient custom of Wales in the winter solstice, before the Christmas appeared, the pagan festival continued in disguise. People around a man wearing a dead horse dressed as dead horse, and then a pedestrian from house to house to sing a hymn, hoping to get some food as a gift, pray for everyone to bring good luck. This is not what the overseas chant, but the recorded allusions, from the widely sung of the hymns - we sing the Christmas toast song.

                    No. 9. Austria, Germany, Hungary play monster

For the good boy, Christmas has a gift of Santa Claus, for the bad boy Well, there are monsters Santa Claus to punish them friends. In fact, just look at Kanbus one, enough to trembling! Yes! He looks too scary! Campes originated in the German fairy tale. Nowadays, young people are dressed as the monks of Camps, walking in the streets of Austria, Romania, Bavaria and other Balkan countries, only to frighten children.