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Global Christmas 9 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate(1)
- Sep 12, 2017 -

              No. 1. Spanish Catalan Christmas Wooden

In the Catalan region of Spain, every year on December 8 every household will have a small Christmas tree, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood. Each owner will eat when the small woods to eat something, but also to the woods wrapped in blankets, let him starve by freezing. Then, while the children do not pay attention to the time, the Christmas gift hidden in the blanket below, anyway, the wood is hollow, the children will think that the gift is really a wooden man's poo.

                           No. 2 Mexican Oaxaca Carrot Night

Every year on December 23, the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico will hold the annual "Vegetable Carving Contest". Carrots are seasonal vegetables, and carrots carved into the works will be displayed to the Christmas day. These mini-micro-carved, vividly portrayed the scene of Jesus was born, reproduce a lot of Mexican local folk tales. The origin of carrot micro-carving is the store of several local shops whim, with mini carrot micro-carving to attract customers. Time flies, and now, this custom has evolved into today's three-day festival.

                No. 3. Santa Claus "occupies" San Francisco

This year is already held in San Francisco City, "Santa Claus big meeting" the first 20 years. Imagine that both men, women and children are dressed as Santa Claus. To join this party, it is not just wearing a Christmas hat on it, it is necessary to wear the Santa Claus head, but also called the same dressed partners for the "Santa Claus".

                No. 4 Ukrainian spider web for good luck

In Ukraine, hanging on the Christmas tree in the Christmas tree spider web is a local custom, although it sounds strange and strange, listen to the following local legend, you may understand this custom: Once upon a time, a poor single mother with their own children , Living in a cold chalet, the children found a evergreen tree, want to use it as a Christmas tree, but no decorations. Is the night, this mother's tears in the face, good spider can not bear to mourn the mother, they together in the tree to produce a fine network. The next morning, the spider web shone in the sunshine. That day, the single mother no longer ask for it.