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Different countries decorate the custom of the Christmas tree
- Aug 25, 2017 -

    Different countries decorate the custom of the Christmas tree

  Now in the West, whether or not to believe in Christ, Christmas should prepare a Christmas tree, increase the joy of the festive atmosphere. There are many types of Christmas trees, natural pine and cypress trees, artificial Christmas trees, white Christmas trees and so on. The top of each Christmas tree must have a huge eye-catching star pattern, which originated from the Bible, symbolizing the birth of Jesus after the birth of three Oriental Magi star of Bethlehem. And each family, only one of the owners can put the star hanging on the Christmas tree. Christmas tree decoration, different styles of different countries. The 16th century German first introduced the concept of the "Christmas tree", which took the evergreen pine and cypresses into the house for Christmas furnishings and followed Martin Luther's ornamental candles on the branches so that they looked like In guiding people to the holy places of Bethlehem. Nowadays, most Germans have switched to pink light bulbs instead of candles. However, some traditional families still tend to have a Christmas dinner in a warm candlelight. Germans are very particular about decorating the Christmas tree, the most classic to the number of "Cubavian" decorative method. It uses 12 kinds of accessories, respectively, on behalf of different meanings, a symbol of happiness next year the whole family. The 12 mascots are: Angel - "God Guide", Bird - "Happy", Fish - "Jesus Bless", Rabbit - "Hope", Flower Basket - "Good Blessing", Fruit Basket - "Generous", red heart - "true love", hut - "care", pine cones - "fruitful", rose - "love", Santa - "good heart", teapot - "hospitality". The above mascots are made of glass, in today's Bavarian Street can also find the production of these glass mascots hand workshop. In the 19th century, the custom of the Christmas tree was introduced into England. In 1841 Christmas, Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, bought a Christmas tree in Windsor, the first Christmas tree in Britain. Albert put the candles, candy, fruit and gingerbread on the branches, decorate some. Since then, the other members of the royal family and the rich and young people have to follow the prince, put in their own home Christmas tree, and with a variety of flashy decoration.

 Other European countries decorated Christmas tree is no lack of anecdotes. For example: the Italians in the branches hanging "manger" to symbolize the birth of the stables of Jesus; Swedes love with a variety of exquisite lacquer and straw prepared small animals decorate the Christmas tree, which straw symbolizes the harvest and wealth; and Ukrainians It will be hung in the Christmas tree "spider and spider"; patriotic Danish people will be hanging in the Christmas tree flag; Poles will hang "little peacock"; Czech people hanging eggs ... ... about the 19th century, 30 years, the Christmas tree was German immigrants Brought the continent. At first, the American people did not like the foreign "stunner", but the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, with a large number of exquisite Christmas gifts from Germany to the influx of the US market, curious Americans gradually fell in love with the decorative Christmas tree. Now in the United States, every Christmas comes, whether it is public places or private homes, and ultimately, decorated with a sunny Christmas tree. Even more dramatic is that today the European market, the Christmas tree is generally only 1 meter high, and the United States family of Christmas trees are high enough to get the ceiling.