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Design essentials and Precautions for man-made Christmas tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, base

Base design must take into account the strength and stability, the chassis fitted with electrical appliances should also consider insulation, heat and other safety performance; from strength and cost considerations, generally less than 1. The base of 5m tree is commonly used in plastic injection molding, and the 2. The base of the 5m tree is formed by metal stamping and welding, the main factors influencing the strength of the base are the weight of the tree and the environment of use; The angle of the oblique flat and on 360. In the range rotating the base and the tree cannot be moved or dumped, the factors influencing the stability of the base are the height and diameter of the tree; It is important to note that the material used for the base must be flame retardant or self-extinguishing; In addition, for individual sales of lamp trees or fibre-optic tree bases with electrical appliances, the relevant safety inspection or certification required by the importing country is also necessary.

2, Tree

Tree usually consist of a steel pipe and a tree section which is used to connect branches on a pipe. Tree structure is simpler, in addition to considering its strength and stability in the design, like the base, the materials used must also be flame retardant or self-quenching, in addition, the height of the tree, for packaging transport considerations, usually designed as segmented.

3, Branches

The leaves of various sizes, colours and shapes are grouped in a certain number and position on the metal branches, forming branches, and all branches are assembled into the shape of a tree; The branch design mainly considers the following Parties.

(1) Simulation degree. Choose the right leaves and their combinations to make them as close to the branches of all kinds of true trees as possible.

(2) economic. Leaves are the largest amount of raw materials in trees, the common raw materials and methods of making leaves have calendering PVC film, extrusion PE wire and PE Once injection molding, these 3 kinds of leaves of production efficiency from high to low pressure to squeeze a positive sequence of injection molding, and its simulation and cost of the sorting, in contrast, the actual number of leaves are often mixed.

(3) The design and production of branches should pay attention to, to avoid the leaves of the tail may be exposed to the head of the fine wire safety hazard; The leaves with PVC as raw materials are self-extinguishing, but the leaves of PE as raw material must meet flame retardant requirements.