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Customs and stories about Christmas tree
- Aug 12, 2017 -

Christmas tree

Former German Alsace, is produced in the local Christmas tree. According to legend, a woman named Vladimir Yue Lun Ting Yin Xiu saint, a forest in Alsace, he love children very much. One Christmas, he hoped that in the vicinity of children, can play together and happy, very poor however, there is no money to buy children's favorite toys and candy, so he is very nerve racking for this thing.

Christmas tree.png

One morning, when Vladimir Yue Lun Ting walk in the woods, suddenly saw a small fir tree, the  tree was covered with snow, branches hanging from a number of wheatgrass, after exposure to the  sun, shining, very beautiful. He put the tree back, planted in pots inside and pick up some wild. The fruit  in the woods, and then get on the powder, made some cross or star shaped cookies, hanging in the  branches above. Also with some small candles, inserted in the tree, the tree dress was very beautiful.  Resplendent with variegated coloration, the Christmas night, Vladimir Yue Lun Ting playing minutes,  children hear, have come to his hut, everyone around the tree, dancing Singing Christmas songs, and  then Vladimir Yue Lun Ting cakes to the children to eat, so that everyone had a happy Christmas. Later,  this custom spread up.

In 1837, German Princess Helen, a Duke with France after the wedding, the Christmas tree has also spread to Paris with her husband. In 1841, Vitoria, a Christmas tree in Windsor palace. This custom spread to the aristocracy by the Royal, then to the popular folk. In 1830, a large number of German immigrants to the United States. These people are Catholics and Christians, mostly scattered in New York, parts of new England. Their Christmas tree attracted the attention of the local people and the imitation, the future will be popular Christmas tree in the United States, the church, the family. Around the world, especially Europe and the United States and Australia around the country, a Christmas tree Christmas, the most lively and lovely decorations, dotted with the colorful Christmas, but also a symbol of happiness and hopeHuge Christmas tree.png

On the Christmas tree decoration, the world seems to be the same. Since Christmas is in winter, so the Christmas trees are evergreen trees. Most of the small palm is four or five feet tall, or a small pine tree, planted in large pots inside, tree covered with small candles riotous with colour or small lamp, and then hang decorations and ribbons every kind of, as well as the children toys, and family members to send a gift. After a good decoration  in  the living room corner. If it is placed in the church, hall, or in public places, the Christmas tree is tall, but can also be placed beneath the tree gift. 

According to the records of the Christmas customs, the first Christmas tree is the city of Bethlehem, the roadside a small palm tree. On the first day of the birth of Jesus night,  virgin Maria and St. Joseph, went to the city of Bethlehem when very tired, Mary in the tree for a rest, the little brown tree, like favored appearance, expand its branches, to withstand the cold wind blowing. Mary in the middle of the night, Jesus Christ was born. At this time, the sky has a particularly bright star, a wonderful light, go directly into the small palm tree head, twisted into a beautiful iris. Since then, the small palm at Christmas, accounting for a seat The glorious position. As for the popularity of Christmas trees all over the world, only in nineteenth Century. In the middle ages, the German popular religious drama, a drama in the garden of Eden, God made man after Adam and Eve betrayed God's time, with a tree covered with Apple's palm in the play, represents the life the tree "or" tree of knowledge ". Later the faithful trick in" tree of life "moved to the house to symbolize the arrival of the Messiah. As this symbol of the development, by fifteenth Century, decorate the Christmas tree, it has become a custom.