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Christmas Eve custom
- Sep 25, 2017 -

                         t01b409d956f4bd5db7.jpg Christmas Eve is also considered to be Santa Claus and other areas similar to the characters around to send gifts to good children time. In Italy, gifts are open on the morning of Christmas Eve. Christmas gifts are usually open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal and Poland. In most parts of Germany, Christmas gifts are open on Christmas Eve (German Bescherung). In the Icelandic Christmas at 6 pm on Christmas Eve, the church bells will be sounded, people will enjoy the festive dinner with their families, and then will be a gift, spend the evening together. In North America, most families will demolish gifts on Christmas mornings. For a divorced family, the child may be separated for two days with one of the father or mother to celebrate. In the Spanish gift will be to January 6 show day (Díadereyes) morning will be demolished. Many traditional Christmas stories take place on Christmas Eve.

  In Japan, most people believe in the traditional Shintoism and Buddhism, the religious atmosphere of Christmas is weak, most people rarely pay attention to the Christmas or Christmas Eve religious significance. Most of the young people are affected by commercial hype, the Christmas is equivalent to the exchange of gifts, carnival or Valentine's Day extension, young people party, couples often dating in Christmas Eve, eating dinner, causing restaurants and hotels crowded The phenomenon of the church.