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Analysis of special material for PVC Christmas tree
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, sampling

We use the Christmas tree special material that the user is using for the sample. The sampling should ensure that it is absolutely clean and can not be contaminated by any impurities.

2, sample Analysis

2.1, sample performance analysis

Put the sample into the heating of the small two-roller open refining machine, plastic evenly after a certain thickness of the film, then put into the rubber vulcanization machine heating, pressure and maintain a certain time, after cooling out of the sample, according to the relevant standards for physical mechanical properties test.

2.2, Sample color analysis

We put the accumulated color plates as a coloring reference, and the Christmas tree special material to compare the sample, want to find the color of similar color plates, but not. Find some information, and there is no similar color, can only rely on experience to judge the use of quite color. Careful observation of the sample, the results from the green, yellow, black and three colors, mainly green.